Animals Ahoy v2.0 released for ios and android!

Animals Ahoy v2.0 has been released for both major smartphone platforms! Here’s what the update includes:


  • We’ve added an in-game store! You can now purchase all-new items that make your game oh-so much better.
  • For example, has one of your favourite animals become extinct? No problem! Purchase the Unextinction item and bring it back from beyond!
  • There are 11 new items to play with and more to be added soon.

Have fun!

Animals Ahoy v1.2 released for ios

Yep, Animals Ahoy v1.2 is now out on ios. Head to iTunes and download it now!

Animals Ahoy v1.2 released for Android!

You heard right – Animals Ahoy v1.2 has been released for Android! What’s new I hear you ask?


New features:


  • Profit indicators! Easily tell if an animal is a good trade. Green is good, red is bad, blue is neutral.
  • Demand region popups! If you travel to a region and the previous region’s animals are in high demand, you’ll receive a popup to let you know!
  • Auto-select buy/sell quantity! The game will auto-select the maximum quantity of an animal you can buy or sell.

Bug fixes:


  • Numerous optimisations and graphical improvements to make the game run smoother, faster and prettier!


Coming soon on ios. Hit up Google Play and update now!

Animals Ahoy Updated

We’ve updated Animals Ahoy to version 1.1 with the following improvements:


New Features

  • Animals are now pirates!
  • Updated all animal art and backgrounds to reflect new theme
  • Added new sound effects and updated existing sound effects to reflect new theme
  • Numerous tweaks to layout and user interface to make game simpler and more enjoyable

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed occasional black screen when exiting Trade Screen
  • Addressed some graphical stuttering on page transitions
  • Code and asset optimisation to make game run smoother and faster

Download it now and check it out!

Animals Ahoy released!

That’s right: Animals Ahoy is now available for you to download from the Apple app store. The Android version is following closely behind…

Animals Ahoy in beta!

Animals Ahoy is now in closed beta testing. We’d like to thank all the beta testers for participating and providing feedback.

Welcome to Animals Ahoy!

Animals Ahoy is a fun, easy to play trading game! Your objective is to make as much cash as possible by travelling the world and trading cute, cuddly animals before your trips run out. Post your hi scores to the global leaderboard and be the envy of your friends!