Animals Ahoy is a fun and easy to play trading game! Your objective is to make as much coin as possible by travelling the world and trading animal pirates before your trips run out. Gameplay is a simple case of ‘buy low, sell high’, but each game is completely unique:


  1. Animal prices are never exactly the same between games.
  2. Events like animal extinction, poaching and even un-extinction can affect animal prices and availability!
  3. You know what happens when you assume, right?Discover rare animals that are worth a lot more than other animals.
  4. Uncover a rare region where animals and prices are not quite what you’d expect!

Post your hi scores to the global leaderboard and be the envy of your friends!



  • See you later!Incredibly easy to play! Start playing the game in seconds – no complex instructions to wade through!
  • But also amazingly deep and strategic! Discover unique attributes about animals and regions the more you play, helping you to get higher and higher hi scores!
  • Play with simple touch gestures – no confusing menus to navigate!
  • Over 50 animals in the game to trade including 6 rare animals – can you discover them all?Badger? He don't give a #*%@!
  • Explore 11 regions in the game including 1 unique region – can you locate it?
  • Experience 8 events in the game including 2 rare events – can you find them all?
  • Huge replay value: every game is unique – no game is the same as any other!
  • Turn-based gameplay – automatically pause your game at any time – perfect for gamers on the go. Games are automatically saved so you can go back to your game at any time
  • Entirely original music, artwork and sound effects.
  • Do you ax a little? Or do you ax a lotl? Heh. Ahem.Try and beat your own hi score, or post your hi score to the global leaderboard! Hi scores can be submitted from either Android or iPhone on the same leaderboard.
  • The entire game can be enjoyed offline without an internet connection. With an internet connection, you can post your hi score to the global leaderboard!